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The Ultimate in glass protection

Windshield   $125.00* + tax 

  • Improves visibility in inclement weather when drivers usually struggle

  • Protects against acid rain, corrosion & water spotting

  • Makes ice, snow, frost & road dirt much easier to remove

  • Reduces night glare

  • Insects can be effortlessly washed away

  • Improves glass appearance

All windows   $250.00* + tax 


*Additional charges for SUV’s, trucks and oversized vehicles



Our Most Popular Services

Full Detail  $325.00*+ tax

A combination of both the interior & exterior services outlined below
(Save money with this service)

Interior Detail   $200.00* + tax

  • Full vacuum & shampoo of seats, carpet & mats. 

  • Clean & condition leather seats.

  • Clean & dress dash, console & panels.

  • Windows & mirrors cleaned & more.

Exterior Detail   $200.00* + tax 

Wash, Clay prep, 2 step polish & wax (light surface scratch removal only), door & trunk jams cleaned, wheel treatment, windows & tires dressed.


*Additional charges for removal of overspray, excessive tar & tree sap & removal of deep scratches or swirl marks (paint correction), etc.

*Additional charges for heavily soiled interior & pet hair removal, etc.

*Additional charges for SUV’s, trucks and oversized vehicles



We Offer Additional Add On Services

Swirl Removal

Prices based on condition of vehicle.

Paint correction

  • Removal of defects such as scratches, marring & swirl marks
    (compounding followed with finishing polish).

  • Tree sap & Tar removal. 

Prices based on condition of vehicle


Fabric protectant

Protect your seats & carpeting. 
Prices starting at $50.

Odor removal

Get rid of those pesky odors so your vehicle is a joy to ride again. We use an ozone machine to professionally and properly remove odors.
Prices starting at $100.00


Over spray removal

Remove particles from vehicle’s finish. 
Prices based on condition of vehicle

Full Service
Add On Services
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